How Whey Protein Can Give You the Body of Your Dreams?

Since long, protein has been recognized as the building block of the body. This is not only applicable to kids but also bodybuilders! Therefore, a new type of protein in the form of whey protein has been invitingly introduced in the bodybuilding world. Interestingly, it has helped several trainers to achieve their dreams.

In a muscle building diet, a relatively high level of protein is prescribed for the trainers who find it often difficult to follow. Whey protein consumed as a supplement in the form of powders provides an instant, quality protein source to all those who wish to build their bodies. They are free from saturated fat. This is the reason why trainers finding it hard to achieve the prescribed protein level have started relying on the whey powders.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey is one of two primary protein sources in milk; casein is the other. The whey protein is extracted while milk is converted into cheese. This extract is of very high quality.

What Makes Whey Effective for Bodybuilders?

Well, there are several reasons behind this effectiveness. First, the body can easily digest as well as utilize this protein. Take any protein powder and you will be able to see its Biological Value (BV) on the pack. This indicates the efficiency rate at which the protein gets absorbed and used by the body for proper and healthy tissue growth. As a rule, a higher value means greater efficiency.

When BV was introduced, egg protein was the benchmark for it because of its highest value during that time (100). Unlike milk that contains both whey and casein has a BV of 85, supplements containing whey in the concentrated quantity have a BV of 104. In case of isolated form, the BV is nearly 170. This is the main reason why whey is so much in demand.

Second, whey is full of essential amino acids required for developing and retaining the new muscle mass. Essential amino acids are not produced naturally due to which they are grabbed from diet. Right now, the most affordable as well as effective way of ensuring sufficient amount of these amino acids is by having whey protein supplements. A healthy whey supplement is not only an ideal source of essential amino acids but also a supplier of complete protein.

For a person trying to develop muscles, whey helps by supplying Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). It is the protein source with most BCAAs namely, valine, leucine, and iso-leucine all of which share 33% of the amino acid amount in muscles. BCAAs play a vital role in synthesizing other amino acids required for bodybuilding, including glutamine.

Third, whey can positively influence the immune system of a bodybuilder who performs weight lifting frequently. This workout induces stress that needs to be combat nutritionally to prevent weakening of the immune system. According to experts, whey works in this area by increasing the glutathione level, which is a small molecule and major antioxidant in cells to contribute to the health of immune system.