Egg protein supplements – Nutritional wonder or scrambled science?

If you regularly strength train or work hard to maintain a strong physique, chances are you will have come across liquid egg whites and other protein supplements to assist your training.

But what are these foods and why are they beneficial to you?

Eggs have been criticised in recent years for their cholesterol content, which shows how far industrial food production has taken us away from our natural ancestral diet. (For more on this check out Paleo sensation Mark’s Daily Apple to find out why eating ‘like a caveman’ can have powerful and transforming effects). Actually, eggs are one of the most nutritious foods that you can eat and incredibly high in protein. And when it comes to supplements such as liquid egg whites or egg protein supplements, the benefits are condensed into an easy to absorb, transportable and tasty product to consume before and after training, when your body needs it most.

The benefits of egg protein

Egg protein supplements are great choices for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are naturally incredibly high in protein and contain far more eggs than you’d ever want to sit and eat in one sitting! They are ideal for people who have allergies to dairy and soy too, and offer powerful benefits to anyone training to achieve physique goals. Because supplements are processed and filtered, they are free from nasties and will minimise bloating and other side-effects, which are a common complaint from people who use whey powder and find they are sensitive to the dairy.

The protein supplement effectively takes the egg white only, pulverises it and then dries it into a usable powder. This filtration process removes fat and cholesterol and kills any microbes thanks to pasteurisation. So it is entirely safe, while keeping all the muscle building protein benefits intact. Naturally low in carbohydrates too, these supplements have been showed to assist with muscle protein synthesis, thanks to the high presence of leucine – a vital amino acid. It is also possible to get plain powdered eggs to add to cooking for an extra protein punch.

Egg protein supplements are also highly digestible, which means you can drink a tasty, flavoured egg white protein drink immediately after training without feeling woozy. Compare that to eating a plate of a dozen eggs! You can also find a great range of flavours online at proteinfoodsdirect. A further benefit is that this supplement is naturally packed with vitamins, micronutrients and vital minerals, and it provides a high satiety effect, meaning that you will feel fuller for longer. Try carrying a scoop in a shaker and adding water post-workout for an instant recovery drink.

How much should I take?

For men, relying on egg protein supplements for the majority of their protein needs, 30-40 grams is ideal for seeing muscle growth gains. The supplements can be taken at any time of day, and ideally immediately after working out. Read the guidelines on the side of the supplement packaging and follow them carefully. For the best results, it is best to take liquid egg supplements as part of a planned nutritional programme.