Back Pain in Pregnancy – A Common Sign and easy Relief

Back pain in pregnancy is common and the reason of it is contributed to the fact that the body posture changes during these few months. The inner changes due to the gradual growth of the fetus have a direct influence on the muscles of the back. Usually, in the first trimester the back pain is not very common but in some cases a woman can feel noticeable backache due to many reasons. It is more common in the first pregnancy when the body experiences baby bearing for the first time. When the muscles go through the changing demands of enlarging uterus, they get tender and you feel pain. Back pain in early pregnancy in rare cases can be because of some infection as well. You need to visit your doctor regularly every fifteen days after getting the pregnancy test positive. Your doctor can find out the real reason of your backache and guide you to the right treatment plan.

Reasons and Cures of Back Pain in Pregnancy

If you feel backache during pregnancy while your lab reports and medical findings are all satisfying, rest assured that it is mere muscular pain that is caused by the increasing stress and weight. Keeping your sleeping place comfortably soft and your body assisted with soft pillows helps in relieving the pain. All the factors that increase your pain and tiredness must be avoided and highly nutritious diet must be obtained in order to minimize the pain and its triggers.

Treating the back pain in pregnancy does not need any medication. It is a matter of some change in lifestyle and working hours only to find relief from the pain. If you are used to work incessantly for three to four hours, start taking break from work after every two hour and relax for about fifteen minutes. You can sit on a comfortable chair or lie down on your bed; relaxing your muscles from the stress of work is the key requirement. Doing light exercise also averts you from facing back pain in early pregnancy. Flexible muscles usually do not get tender from pregnancy stress and physical changes. Walking is the best light exercise that helps your body muscles toned as well as flexible though you can opt for more strenuous exercises also like swimming or bicycling.

Constipation also causes back pain in pregnancy. Therefore, increasing the intake of fiber rich foods and drinking a lot of water can be an optimum solution for this type of back pain. If you had been drinking two three liters of water, increase the amount to water to four liters or above. And consume a glass or two full of water in the morning when you get out of your bed.

Other Back Pain Remedies

Other back pain remedies are also of technical nature for example not lifting heavy weight objects, working in a comfortable sitting position and not doing any strenuous work like washing laundry by bending your back. Enough sleep is also very important during pregnancy. Always keep your sleeping hours undisturbed to keep you fresh and comfortable. By avoiding back pain in pregnancy through simple tips and change in lifestyle, you can save yourself from much pain and exhaustion.